Ways to Remove Paint From Walls

How to Remove Paint from Walls

New paint will at some point become old paint. Depending on the type of paint, some paint can last you not more than 4 years.

Your interior design needs will also have you freshening old paint. In this article, we shall look at the different ways you can remove paint from your wall.

There are different methods to remove paint depending on the type of wall and the type of paint. We shall individually look at what method is best for each.

Type of wall

Understanding the type of wall is crucial before deciding the type of paint remover or the method of removing the paint to go with.

That is because different walls have different adaptability to paint.

1.   Drywall

They are panels of fibreboards made from gymnasium rock and special paper.

One of the common causes of paint problems on drywall that may cause you to take down the paint is;

  • Failure to properly prepare the wall before application of the first coat of paint.
  • Water leaks.
  • Cheap paint
  • Incompatibility of the paint and the primer

The best way to get rid of paint off drywall is by sanding it down. You will need a coarse piece of silicon carbide sandpaper. You will then have to scab the surface in a circular motion until the old paint is removed.

Make sure you wear protective gear when doing this.

2.   Plaster walls

You can apply two ways to remove paint from plaster walls depending on the state of the damaged paint.

If the paint is old and has started peeling off then you can scrape it off.

The second way is by using a chemical stripper. Chemical stripper of your choice to the wall and allow it to penetrate the paint.

This will depend on the amount of time set in your manufacturer’s instruction.

The paint should start showing signs of peeling off that is when you go in with your scraper.

Removing paint from the plaster wall will also depend on how many coats of paint have been applied to the wall.

With a heavy coat, you can start by scraping it off, and then following it with a paint stripper.

You can also choose to just use the chemical stripper alone by repeating the process until the paint is completely removed.

Type of painting

Another factor to consider before deciding how to remove paint from your wall is the type of paint.

Paint differs from each other depending on the type of solvent used, the type of finishing it gives, and the durability.

1.   Oil-based paint

The best way to remove paint from oil-based walls is by paint stripping.

In doing so you will have to pour the paint stripper into a tray and then paint it to the walls.

Allow the paint to seep in the stripper for the period stated in your instructions manual. You can now peel off the paint and the stripper using a knife.

Another option that you have in removing oil-based paint is the use of a heat gun/stripper.

I heat gun will help soften the paint. The paint will then bubble up making it easier to strip it off.

2.   Latex-based paint

Latex-based paint differs from acrylic-based paint in that latex-based paint is water-based and acrylic-based paint is chemical-based.

Being water-based means that it is easier to remove this type of paint. You can go in with the soap and water or use a pressure washer.

3.   Water-based paint

Removing water-based paint while still wet is not as difficult as removing the same type of paint when it’s dry.

While the paint is still wet you can come in with a damp cloth and wipe down the wall or use a pressure washer.

A pressure washer is very ideal for water-based paint only the paint is still wet.


Flowing from the discussion it is evident that the method of removing paint from the wall are; chemical stripping, scraping/ sanding it down,  heat striping, and the use of water.

This comes down to the safety when removing paint. Where the necessary equipment like goggles and all the necessary safety equipment.

Been a ventilated room and avoid smoking in the paint.

Damages that may arise, ensure that you have an insurance cover to protect you from the financial damages.

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Protect yourself and your family today!