How to Roast Your Coffee Beans

If you are a big coffee lover, you have probably already visited all the coffee shops in the city and know where the most delicious coffee is brewed, and where your favorite roasted beans are always available. Looking for a new flavor, why not roast your beans at home?

For such experiments, you will need green coffee beans. Some farms specialize in selling only unroasted coffee beans, so when you buy green coffee, after roasting the beans, you can get a drink with a unique taste. You can order green coffee in Europe on the website. After waiting for the package, you should prepare for the roasting process: it is interesting in itself, but it requires time and attention.


It is best to roast coffee beans with a special roaster. If you don’t have one, you can use a popcorn machine, and there’s always the option of a good old oven. In order to properly roast coffee, a rather high temperature is required – 400°F, or 204°C.


It is worth remembering that coffee beans expand during the roasting process. So once your roaster is at the right temperature, add green coffee beans to it and watch the process. As the beans roast, steam rises from them and they change color. It is worth waiting at least 5-7 minutes: after that you will hear the first crack, which indicates that your beans now have a light degree of roasting. Coffee from such beans will not be very strong, so if you are a fan of a stronger drink, you should continue roasting. The more time passes, the darker and stronger the coffee beans become.

Cooling and storage

Exactly at the moment when your beans are roasted to the degree you need, you should turn off the roaster, remove the coffee beans from it and quickly cool them. There are two ways to do this:

  • spread the beans on a baking sheet and then shake it well;
  • use a special cooling surface.

Once the beans have cooled, you can transfer them to a storage container. The conditions for their storage are the same as for coffee: the container must be airtight, not let in moisture and light, and not heat up.

Brewing coffee

Do not use roasted beans to make your favorite coffee immediately after roasting. It is best to wait a day or two so that their aroma and taste are better revealed. After that, you can grind the beans, pour ground coffee into a cezve or coffee machine, and enjoy the result.

And remember that you should not be upset if you did not achieve the desired result the first time. Like everything else, coffee roasting is a process of trial and error, and in the process of finding the perfect degree, you may discover something completely new. Feel free to experiment and savor your favorite coffee.… Read More..