How To Make Your Laundry Sparkle

Laundry can be a dreaded task for anyone. Doing all that work just to find ruined articles is disheartening, but avoidable. With a few precautions, you should be able to prevent laundry catastrophes.

Use Correct Products

Some machines require liquid detergent, while others can be damaged by their use. Chlorine bleach, while being safe for white cottons such as towels, some underwear and t-shirts can fade or cause white blotches on colored clothing, denim jeans and other items. Use a color-safe bleach where the label indicates. Oftentimes, an oxygen producing detergent can whiten and clean difficult fabrics adequately.

Proper Drying

Some items need to be laid out and shaped, some hung on the line, and others can be machine dried, but only on low or no heat. Pay attention to the suggested temperature to avoid excessive wrinkling, shrinking or even melting. If your dryer is having trouble, call the professional dryer repair Long Island NY relies on to restore proper function.

Treat Stains

Stains respond best to products made for the purpose; body cleaners for bodily stains, food cleaners for food stains. For instance, treat dingy or greasy shirt collars with a shampoo for oily hair. Treat grease stains from butter or oil with a concentrated dish soap made to break up grease. Check stain removal restrictions for the specific fabric before treating.

Special Treatment

Be sure to notice whether a certain item requires special handling such as cold water, dry cleaning or line dry only. For instance, machine washing linen and rayon items can shrink and expensive articles can be ruined. Some delicates are washable provided they are placed in a mesh bag first.

Far too many articles of clothing end up in the rubbish pile because labels printed with correct laundering instructions are ignored. Pay heed to the requirements of your specific laundry and though it may be tiresome job, it will at least be worth the effort.