The biggest worry about holding an open house is how you can protect your property against thieves.  These unscrupulous individuals would blend into your other guests. During the event, they will devise a plan on how to walk away with your property’s most-prized possessions.  With only a single person manning the event, it will be very hard for agents and homeowners to address this security risk. 

Theft is a serious issue many agents experience during an open house. In a survey conducted by National Association of Realtors® in 2015, as much as 40% of the agents who conducted an open house have experienced theft during or after the event.  The more alarming aspect of this issue is that many thieves are willing to kill just to accomplish their plans. In fact, there was an incident where a real estate agent died during an open house. 

Remove medicines in your cabinet 

You may not know it but some people are actually interested to know what’s inside your medicine cabinet. There are stories of guests rifling through medicine cabinets and taking what they need to support their drug dependence.    

Hide the keys and remote controls 

Keep the keys in your pockets. Don’t leave any key hanging around. Be careful with the garage key.  Someone might take it and drive the cars away. 

Secure all the documents 

Don’t leave the documents under your table drawer or an ordinary office cabinet. Keep them in a heavy-duty, quality grade filing cabinet with tight security measures. The documents that you need to secure includes the property tax certificates, land title, birth and marriage certificates,  contracts involving money, financial statements, and basically anything else with legal and medical significance. 

Secure the windows and doors after the event 

While it’s unlikely that someone will walk out your door carrying your flat screen TV or two-door fridge, it is possible that they will come back for it. To prevent them from entering the property, make sure that all the doors and windows are closed and locked. These thieves might unlock a window during the event with the thought of returning later. After the open house, inspect your homes for sale napa and make sure that every window and doors are locked. 

Install CCTV cameras, 

Knowing that your property is monitored by cameras, some people will think twice if they will pursue their ill plan. If the crime still happens, the video footage can aid the authorities in their investigation.